Latest Past Events

New Instructor – July 28-30

Kansas City Community College - Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center

The New Instructor Seminar is designed specifically for individuals from business, industry and healthcare who are beginning their role as an instructor, but all post-secondary teachers are welcome. The focus of the seminar is on improving instructional planning for the classroom/lab and improving the execution of instructional strategies to increase student learning. Course Outcomes: Construct … Continued


Moving to a Hybrid Model/Engaging Learners Online – April 23 (Cancelled)

Course Description: The workshop is designed to provide instructors the tools to build and teach courses in hybrid environment. Starting with course development and continuing through course delivery, the workshop will equip teachers with the tools to be able to engage students in an online environment utilizing strategies and practices specifically aimed for online portions … Continued


Course Planning – April 2

Planning courses and coursework is an essential part of what makes curriculum work. Many CTE instructors struggle with writing good performance objectives, breaking down tasks into manageable bits and developing good lesson plans. This seminar will focus on: Identifying student characteristics Identifying entry level behaviors How to write good performance objectives Breaking up units into … Continued